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Our cards create a special space for conversation, whether you are alone or in a group, whether you are in a gallery or around a table.  The cards give you licence to play, to explore, to be free-wheeling in your thoughts. 

Like a conjuring trick or a tarot pack, the cards are designed to interrupt habit and bypass logic.  The cards’ disruptive influence can lead to remarkable insight and clarity, and best of all, this knowledge is embodied: you don’t just know it, you feel it too.

 1.      Pick a card, any card…

The cards are written to take you by surprise, to open up new perspectives.

 2.      Trust your instincts – what do you notice?

Your attention might adjust itself quite suddenly and settle on something unexpected.  Ideas will pop into your head.  It might take a few moments to decide how to interpret the card’s question or suggestion.

3.      Follow your curiosity and see where it leads: play, observe, choose your meanings.

Do you have a gut reaction?  Any feelings or sensations?  Is anything becoming clearer about the art, or the subject at hand?  What are you learning about yourself in the process?

4.      Explore with others!

Solo, the cards are the perfect way to have a conversation with yourself, to find your way into a subject, to get to know yourself better. 

But together, something astonishing, inspiring and intimate happens.  It’s stimulating to build on each other’s revelations, and fascinating to see your friends’ unique approaches.  

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