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Creative Juice

Art User Breakfasts @ Edinburgh Art Festival 2019


What happens when you allow yourself to think creatively?  What’s possible when you explore this side of you? What could it unlock? Make time to focus on yourself this August. 

Join Sally and Kirstie and a small group as we discover how curiosity and creativity are connected.  You’ll experiment with different perspectives and learn how to make space for inspiration.

Each week, we gather at an independent coffee shop for breakfast, reflect on a different aspect of creative thinking, and then head to a specially selected Edinburgh Art Festival exhibition to explore some more.

Sally and Kirstie founded Art User in early 2019, pioneering a technique for creative thinking that is now being used in board rooms, leadership coaching, retreats, art education settings and artists’ studios alike. 

Each conversation will take a different theme: book one session for a taste, all three for a deeper insight.

We are keeping it intimate, so Creative Juice WILL sell out!  Book your place here. 

Where? When? What’s the cost?

·       Tuesday 6th August 8-10am  (venue tbc)

o    ‘What have you ignored?’ Disrupting habits

·       Tuesday 20th 8-10am  (venue tbc)

o    ‘Mis-interpret the signs’ Exploring the enigmatic

·       Tuesday 27th 8-10am Pep and Fodder (venue tbc)

o    “Try Drifting” Space and Flow

£45 per person, includes a hearty breakfast and a donation to each charitable arts organisation we visit out of hours. 

Book all three for the discounted price of £125.